Hillside cottage
Connemara ponies

I was driving a carload of walkers in 2008 through the Lough Inagh Valley in Connemara, which just has to be one of most scenic places in all Ireland. On our left we had the brooding Twelve Bens with Lough Inagh in the foreground. One of the group said "thank you for bringing us to this place". I know what they meant - Connemara just has that effect on you.

It's said that you'll know you are in Connemara by the light that constantly changes the mood and the atmosphere of the landscape. A landscape laden with a myriad of salmon/brown trout-filled lakes and sparkling clear rivers, ancient, rounded mountains, and the fascinating lake-peppered Roundstone Bog.

Geographically, Connemara is a district made up of a broad peninsula between Killary Harbour (Killary is Ireland's only fjord) and Kilkieran Bay in the west of County Galway. It is commonly used to describe all of County Galway west of Lough Corrib.

We are based in the lovely Angler's Return fishing lodge for three nights near the fishing village of Roundstone in the heart of Connemara. Our walking guide for 2014 is Michael Gibbons, a quintessential Connemara man. Michael is a brilliant and well respected walking guide, an expert archaeologist, and most of all passionate about the landscape and history of Connemara. He will take us walking on Inismore, the Renvyle Peninsula and perhaps Inisbofin too.

I suspect that this 10 day immersion into the Connemara landscape and character will be just the beginning for you.