Mythical Inishbofin

Inishbofin view of High Island © C Crick
Michael Gibbons

This will be our second 'home' on Connemara's Calling. We spend three nights here with two full days of walking, and plenty of time to absorb the myths and rich history of this island, and of course, meet the island people themselves.

From the moment we leave the little Connemara fishing village of Cleggan on our island- bound ferry we feel some magic afoot. The 'island of the white cow', or Inishbofin, has been inhabited for over 6000 years.

Our walking guide, Michael Gibbons, esteemed Connemara archaeologist and historian, has a love affair with this island. From the Bronze and Iron Age promontory forts to the deep cavernous inlets, he regales us with stories of ancient peoples, fugitive pirates, diving amongst wreckage of the Spanish Armada, mass emigration.

In 2010 we ended our day's walking in the pub watching an inter-provincial hurley match on the telly with the locals, who were riveted to the score. The concensus was: stay for longer on Inishbofin next year. So we are!