W.B. Yeats statue
A country road in Sligo

Yeats was onto it: Sligo is indeed ‘the land of heart’s desire’

I wasn't really prepared for the unassuming friendliness and 'couldn't do enough for you' charm of the Sligo people and the very beauty of the place makes you just stop in awe. The countryside is an effervescent green, the hills all manner of shapes and totally inviting. Legends abound - I climbed Knocknarea at sunset to see Queen Maeve's resting place - a massive cairn thought to be placed above a huge burial chamber similar in size to the iconic Newgrange Stonge Age passage tomb in Co. Meath.

2015 was the 150th anniversary of Yeats' birth, and it was here in this county that he found inspiration for some of his most evocative poetry.

We'll be exploring Sligo landscapes such as the Lake Isle of Inisfree, Glencar waterfall and hiking up Benbulben itself.  And we'll be staying in a character-full grand house just down the road from Lissadell House and Gardens, where Yeats was mesmerised by the two Gore-Booth daughters. A definite must for our itinerary.

Sligo may be the very reason you might choose to join us. Go for it!

Join us for our 10th Anniversary tour: 'Best of the West’ in September 2018.